About Hyrule Castle


Hyrule Castle is a Roleplay Forum based in the Legend of Zelda universe. However, the world of Hyrule our characters inhabit can’t be found in any one Zelda title. Our Hyrule is a unique blend of information from all over the Zelda series; for example, Windfall Island is set off the coast of Northern Hyrule.  Northern Hyrule itself includes the Snowhead Mountain Range, and is located near the glacier housing the portal to the mythical land of Subrosia in its depths.  In this Hyrule, a Kikwi, Tokay, and Gerudo could all quite literally walk into a bar. Our current events and past lore are based on events and ideas in the Zelda series, but everything is quite unique to us. For example, in the first Zelda game, Ganon controls Death Mountain. Here, Ganon overtook Death Mountain by force from the Gorons, driving them out to live in the slums of Castle Town.

But what kind of characters can you make in this world? As long as a proposed character isn’t totally ridiculous and doesn’t break the setting, the possibilities are unlimited. (By totally ridiculous, I mean things like a Goron who was born with the blood of a forgotten goddess, a Goron with enough power to easily destroy Ganon and conquer the known world.)  Other than things like that, though, you can make virtually any kind of character you want. Got an idea for an exiled Rito who dabbled too deeply into dark magic? Sounds great! Like the sound of a cunning Business Scrub who kills his customers and takes both their money and his merchandise back? Go for it. Want to make a Kokiri who, disgusted by the vices of the world outside the Forest, makes it his mission to cleanse Hyrule of all evil? Draft it up!

Hyrule Castle also sports a unique Treasure system. Nearly every classical item from the Zelda series is represented in our expansive Library of Treasures, which indexes everything from canonical items like the Hookshot or Hero’s Charm to member-created items like Skulltula Paste or Deku Ironwood. These items can be purchased for our characters using the rupees we earn primarily by completing Role Plays. Rupees can be earned by Role-Playing in the typical fashion, i.e. by creating and completing a quest in some area of Hyrule, or by Roleplaying in what we call “Classic Dungeons.”

Anyone who’s played a Zelda game has wondered what it would be like to wander the halls of the Shadow Temple from Ocarina of Time, to stare down Majora and give the chaotic demon a sound thrashing, or to become so frustrated with the infamous Water Temple that a few Powder Kegs are ‘accidently’ allowed to explode and bring the whole structure crumbling down on itself. Well, the Classic Dungeon forum is your opportunity to do just that! Any dungeon from any Zelda title is fair game for you to Roleplay in. By beginning a Roleplay, either in a Classic Dungeon or in Hyrule-main, you earn rupees that can be used to purchase treasures for your characters. By venturing through the Water Temple, you could have your character obtain the Longshot, or you could choose to have him (or her) find a long-lost scroll detailing a spell unique to these forums.

That’s Hyrule Castle in a nutshell. If you want to know more, check out our Guide thread (click here) for more information. Or, if you want to see HC in action, just scroll through the forums and click on anything you like. The Treasure Creation forum, the Character Creation forum, the player vs. player Battle Arena, or even the out-of-character Discussion Forums- everything’s waiting for you to sign up and jump in. Happy hunting, and welcome aboard!

~ Quill, former Moderator


Hyrule Castle has plenty of members, some Newcomers and others Veterans, who can help you out with anything you need to know.  As the head admin of HC, I’m always available to hear you out as well.  You can either register and start a conversation that way, or email me via dekusamurai@gmail.com.

~ Guy, current Head Administrator